483 Heartland Drive
Unit C
Sugar Grove, IL 60554
Main Phone - 630-466-0300
Main Fax - 630-466-0302
Located In CANADA at
8 MacBride Ct
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 6J1
Phone - 519-756-3051

Who we are

International Valve has engineered,designed, developed and introduced to the US market a new Combination Water and Sewage Air Relief Valve. This patent pending air valve offers significant advancements in multi-orifice air relief valve technology, and are now available in Vent-Tech’s exclusive and patent pending product line. These valves are available from International Valve Marketing, LLC. We are proud of this advance in technology, which we bring to you in our role as a leader in air valve technology, innovation and customer service.

Based on more than a decade of marketing experience, we have redefined the technology to give you "Made in America" products that outperform the competition. We have reconfigured our distribution network and engaged the input of international fluid-dynamists and the latest flow simulation technology. Vent-Tech valves provide up to 40% greater venting capacity and offer a dynamic surge-control capability responsive to line pressure. A float design to accommodate high temperature spikes at sonic air velocities and debris control with minimal wear are standard features of Vent-Tech air valves. We have incorporated perforated metal screens throughout the product line to minimize the restrictive effects of bio-fouling on airflow performance. These features have been specifically targeted to provide the benefits of reduced energy loss, less frequent valve replacement, lower maintenance costs, and longer operating life. In many cases, the Vent-Tech design will allow for a valve to be downsized - further reducing your installed costs. We bring you these new features because you asked for them. We listened. We are still listening. Feel free to contact us for technical information or application support.

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