International Valve

Engineering New Combinations of Water and Sewage Air Relief Valves


What We Do

International Valve has engineered and introduced to the US market a new Combination Water and Sewage Air Relief Valve. IVM was established 2009 for the express purpose of expanding and improving the technological advances of the flat float combination air release valve. All International Valve products are made in the USA.


Our Products

Our patent pending air valve are reliable, durable and proven designs that offer significant advancements in multi-orifice air relief valve technology, which are now available in Vent-Tech’s exclusive and patent pending product line. Our Valves are engineered and built in the United States and aim to expand and improve the technological advances of the flat float air/vacuum valve, These valves are available from International Valve Marketing, LLC.

We are proud of this advance in technology, which we bring to you in our role as a leader in air valve technology, innovation and customer service.