Announcing the Vent-Tech® 50 Series wastewater ARVs

The Vent-Tech® 50 Series valves was released.  The 54-SWG became the best-in-class for 4 wastewater ARV performance with an incredible Cd = 0.78.

Comparative testing shows over a 200% advantage in vacuum relief capacity evaluated against similar ARVs, such as the 4 Vent-o-Mat RGX.  As one of the product designers said, This is the way the 4 Flat-Float-Cylindrical ARVs should have been made in the first place.  The flow performances of the 54 and 56 models nicely fill the wide performance gap between the traditional 4 and the 6 ARVs.  The incorporation of IVM’s ‘Air-Spacer’ technology (Pat. App.) helps to both increase the air flow and minimize valve height.