International Valve would like to proudly announce the completion of an expansion of its CNC machining department this month. With the added new equipment, and restructuring of their facility, they have effectively doubled their manufacturing capacity. This will give IVM the ability to increase production to satisfy the growing demand. International Valve is confident that these changes will provide a further improvement in order response times for future clients. 

A few years ago, International Valve was able to produce and ship valves to customers in an average span of 24 days. Now, IVM's average has dramatically reduced its average to less than five days. With these facility improvements. IVM is targeting the manufacture of even large orders for the Vent-Tech CARV valves with similar efficiency. 


About International Valve

IVM was established 2009 for the express purpose of expanding and improving the technological advances of the flat float combination air release valve. All International Valve products are made in the USA.


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