IVM announces the new WTR model of potable water ARVs

IVM revealed that a new WTR design will start to ship in 2014, with the entire family of potable water ARVs being upgraded by summer.

The extensive use of computational fluid dynamics [CFD] testing of the classic flat-float-cylindrical ARV resulted in IVMs ability to dramatically increase ARV performance for vacuum flow.  However, it also uncovered several design problems (such as premature closure) inherited from the base design of this potable water ARV.  Grounded on the lessons learned from the re-design of the 08-WTR earlier in 2012, IVM sought a solution to these issues. They completely redesigned the valve’s internals with over 5,000 hours of performance testing and research.

About International Valve

IVM was established 2009 for the express purpose of expanding and improving the technological advances of the flat float combination air release valve. All International Valve products are made in the USA.


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